The Grounds

Paintball Mania is situated on Malaiti Road just off Leopards Hill Road. The site has two gaming areas. The first is the main paintball gaming area, which is about 800m2. This is filled with different obstacles such as tires, walls, water tanks, trees, trailers and many more. The second is a targeting range open to all ages in which players can take turns seeing who gets the closest to the bullseye.



The Equipment

Our equipment is fully serviced and cleaned regularly. With a set of 24 guns, Paintball Mania is fully equipped to run all sorts of games.The guns, powered by CO2, are controlled at a PSI of 230-240, the best amount of power for a fun and exciting game. Along with the guns, Paintball Mania has full safety gear consisting of masks, chest guards and overalls. Your safety and enjoyment during the game is our main priority.



Game Types

Paintball Mania has a wide variety of paintball games. Our most popular game is Capture The Flag, this is were players are divided into 2 teams and the main goal is to seize the opposing teams flag whilst dodging bullets around you and eliminating the enemy. Paintball games vary from a simple Death match, where players are again divided into 2 different teams and it is then all out shooting, to Hitman in which the aim of the game is to eliminate one player on the field whilst watching your back for the player hunting you. More games are offered such as Free For All, were it is every man or women to themselves eliminating all opponents in their sites, as well as Zombie, were the dead can come back to life and start playing again. Even more game types are available on site. Paintball Mania allows the group playing to decide on both the game and the number of lives each player gets. Groups can decide whether to play with multiple lives on just one.