Your safety and enjoyment are our main priorities at Paintball Mania. Paintball is in fact an extremely safe sport, paintballers suffer less injures the footballers or even golfers. Yet just like everything paintball does have its potential for injury. The main danger is with paintballs hitting unprotected eyes. At Paintball Mania we are very strict about our safety rules. We have strong shielding protective gear, including masks and chest guards, as well as a safety zone inside the field where strictly no guns can be fired. Before the start of the game we will run you through a full pre-safety presentation. These rules consist of the following.

1. Follow all the rules stated by the marshal.
2. Sign the indemnity form before play (minors must be have parents consent.)
3. Guns must be pointed at the ground at all times, before entering the playing field.
4. Masks should be worn at all times on the playing field.
5. No physical contact (wrestling, grabbing etc).
6. No equipment other then that provided by LSK PAINTBALL MANIA allowed on the playing field (e.g knives, fireworks, other paintballs).
7. Do not tamper with any of the equipment.
8. Do not load paintballs from the ground into your gun.
9. Do not shoot closer than 3m.
10. No verbal abuse to the Marshall.
11. No climbing trees or structures.
12. Referees’ decisions are final.

As safety is one of our main priorities we are very strict about following rules, any violators will be giving either a red or yellow card for their action, and may even be ejected from the game.

* Paintball Mania will not be responsible for any loss or damage to persons or property on its premises.